Are you or your organisation the target for covert surveillance?

Would you know if you were?

Is someone listening to your private or confidential conversations?

Are your offices or meeting rooms secure from surveillance activities?

Information in all its forms is a valuable and critical asset that needs to be protected against theft or compromise. Organisations spend substantial amounts of money on activities such as: bidding, negotiation, research and program development, however many continue to jeopardise their intellectual property by not recognising their vulnerabilities to espionage.

We live in a world where our privacy and the confidentiality of information are under increasing attack by unscrupulous people. Unfortunately it has become easier to carry out electronic surveillance against people and organisations due to the fast paced advances in electronics. The Internet provides a 24-hour a day gateway to thousands of websites providing in-depth instructions on how to deploy surveillance devices and where to purchase them. Failed espionage attempts regularly appear in media and court reports, confirming that the threat of electronic surveillance is real and expanding.