The term technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) originated in the military domain and referred to an active counterintelligence program to detect electronic surveillance in sensitive areas. TSCM doesn’t fully describe the counterespionage survey activities we conduct for our clients.

Our eavesdropping detection and prevention audits go beyond traditional TSCM survey activities and provide our clients with a valuable vulnerability assessment of their current protective security posture or defences and recommendations for improvements.

We take a holistic and preventive approach to keep technical surveillance devices out of your organisation in the first place. Preventing losses is smarter and cheaper than dealing with the consequences of a successful attack.

Regular eavesdropping detection and prevention audits have many benefits and allow your organisation to satisfy fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the protection of information assets, as well as deterring potential spies and reducing any ‘windows of opportunity’ for device deployment.

Our eavesdropping detection and prevention audits are inexpensive compared to the potential cost of loss of information.

If you have any concerns about your information security or possible espionage activities directed at your organisation, please feel free contact us for a confidential consultation.


Please do not contact us from the suspect area or any telephone system associated with the suspect area (s).

  TSCM Primer