What can be done

Espionage can be prevented. Both public and private sector organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of a counter espionage strategy, including protective and technical security measures and electronic surveillance detection and prevention.

Determining what measures are appropriate for the protection of sensitive information is a task for an accredited security professional.

Dever Clark + Associates is an experienced provider of advanced eavesdropping detection and prevention services utilising state-of-the art equipment and protocols to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack against your organisation.

We understand that counterespionage and related technical services require specialised knowledge, skills, equipment and training not usually available in-house for most organisations. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to leading edge security advice from suitably qualified security professionals at a reasonable price.

Our Associates have diverse inter-disciplinary competencies to provide a comprehensive and confidential service to assist our clients with counter espionage policies, procedures, counter measures and training.

We have over twenty five years of experience providing eavesdropping detection and prevention services for a prestigious client list, including government, business and law enforcement organisations.